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Physiologically functional water

Physiologically functional water – drinking water purified in EMERALD devices which possesses physiologically functional properties, that is, is able to positively affect health status when it is consumed as part of daily ration.

The basis for organism’s life activity is balance of oxidative and reductant biochemical processes. Water is responsible for the course of these processes as the main vehicle chemically, and as a principal structural component of the body biologically. Intensity of oxidation-reduction reactions depends on electron activity in aqueous solutions, which is characterized by oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) value. The higher the parameter, the more “acid” the medium, the more it is capable of oxidating molecules including molecules of substances foreign for the body. And vice versa: the lower ORP value, the higher its reducing, anti-oxidant, ability. As a result of electrochemical exposure of water near cathode, its oxidation-reduction potential decreases, and it acquires anti-oxidant characteristics. In the process of anodic electrochemical treatment, ORP potential rises, and in its chemical composition water becomes similar to medium created by phagocytes while destroying harmful and foreign substances in the body.

In healthy individuals, the ORP of the body inner milieu is always below zero and varies between -200 and -300 millivolts. The ORP of any water including industrially purified drinking water is always above zero and ranges on average within the limits from +200 to +450 millivolts. When common drinking water penetrates into the tissues of human (or other) organism, it decreases electron activity in cells and tissues, which are 80-90% water. Due to that, organism’s biologic structures (cellular membranes, cell organoids, nucleic acids and others) are subjected to oxidative destruction. In this way the body wears out, ages, its vitally important organs gradually lose their functions. If the ORP of water entering the body is close to the ORP of the inner milieu of the human body, then electric energy of cell membranes (body vital energy) is not spent on correcting water electron activity, and water is immediately assimilated since it is biologically compatible as regards that parameter. If the ORP of drinking water is more negative than that of the inner milieu of the body it supplies the latter with the energy used by the cells as the energy reserve of the body anti-oxidant protection against unfavorable environmental effects (that is why catholyte is called “live” water).