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Electrochemical activation

Electrochemical activation – a technology of producing substances in a meta-stable state mainly from water and compounds dissolved in it, by way of electrochemical exposure, with subsequent use of the resulting meta-stable substances in various technological processes instead of routinely used chemical As a chemical and physical process, electrochemical activation is a combination of performed in conditions of minimal heat evolution electrochemical and electrophysical exposure of water containing ions and molecules of dissolved substances in the area of spatial charge close to the electrode surface (either anode or cathode) of engineering electrochemical system, in conditions of non-equilibrium charge transfer through the “electrode-electrolyte” interface by electrons.

As a result of electrochemical activation, water is converted into a meta-stable (activated) state demonstrating at the same time elevated reactivity in various physical and chemical processes. Water activated near cathode (catholyte) possesses increased electron activity and has well-pronounced reductant properties. Accordingly, water activated near anode (anolyte) is characterized by inhibited electron activity and demonstrates oxidant properties.

Electrochemical activation permits to purposefully modify the composition of dissolved gases, acid-base and oxidative-reductant properties of water within wider limits than under equivalent (in conformity with electrolysis laws) chemical regulation, to synthesize from water and substances dissolved in it chemical reagents (oxidants and reductants) in a meta-stable state. The effects of water meta-stability due to electrochemical non-chemical control of its physical and chemical properties serve as the basis for technological processes of its conditioning, purification and decontamination as well as technologies of converting water or diluted electrolyte solutions into ecologically safe antimicrobial, washing, extracting and other functionally useful solutions synthesized on-site in specially designed electrochemical devices.