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Vitold Bakhir Electrochemical Systems and Technologies

ECA History in systems

The improvement of a technical product usually continues throughout its lifetime. The history of the wheel is an obvious example of it.

The huge number and variety of known electrochemical systems confirms the general pattern, though less clearly. Electrochemistry is a “quiet” science. It doesn’t have phenomena to captivate a common person. However, it is to be seen everywhere. It is present in the batteries that power countless electronic devices; in electrodes to measure the properties of various liquids, and in the activity of the brain, and in the parameters of a beating heart; in LCD screens for computers and televisions; in giant electrochemical furnaces for smelting aluminum; in huge electrolyzers for producing hydrogen, oxygen, chlorine, alkalis; in invisible, but absolutely necessary systems for the protection of pipelines and other extended metal structures from corrosion, and much, much more.

It has turned out that liquids, after unipolar electrochemical effect, acquire new, previously unexplored properties. For the practical use of this phenomenon, it was necessary to develop special, previously unknown technical electrochemical systems, to find new optimal constructive and technological solutions in order to widely implement the unique possibilities of transforming chemical technologies that Nature has made it possible to discover in electrochemistry. This is exactly what the author has been working on enthusiastically.