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Vitold Bakhir Electrochemical Systems and Technologies

Electrochemical technologies

Some applications of electrochemical activation of water and aqueous solutions, specific technologies whose engineering effect and cost-effectiveness have been confirmed experimentally (by laboratory tests or industrial approbation) or in the process of wide practical use:


  • Producing water with biologically active properties
  • Dialysis membrane cleansing
  • Treatment of surgeon’s hands
  • Washing solution for protein impurity removal
  • Producing a sorbent with anti-oxidant qualities
  • Regenerating micro-spheres applied in hospital Clinitron beds
  • Producing pollution-free washing, disinfectant and sterilizing solutions for washing, disinfection, pre-sterilization cleaning and sterilization
  • Endoscope cleansing and sterilization technology
  • Non-chemical regulation of redox potential and рН value of dialysis solution
  • Producing sterile apyrogenic water
  • Maintaining DNA native structure for genetic forensic medical examination
  • Removal of monomer residues from methacrylic polymer artificial lens
  • Indoor disinfection in the presence of patients
  • Medical refuse decontamination

Metal processing, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy

  • Cutting emulsion for mechanic metal processing
  • Detergent agent for metal surface cleaning
  • Titanium production
  • Eliciting precious metals from spent catalysts of motor exhaust fume burning
  • Preparing mixture to make cores and casting molds
  • Increasing grindability of quartz-ceramic drosses
  • Steam-jet oxidation of powdered parts
  • Stripping smoke gases from sulfur dioxide

Borehole drilling, oil and gas field development

  • Controlling physical and chemical properties of drilling fluid
  • Borehole cementation
  • Ousting oil from productive stratum
  • Improving compatibility of salt deposit inhibitors and formation waters
  • Stripping natural gas from hydrogen sulfide

Petrochemical and chemical industry

  • Pyrolysis of straight-run gasoline (producing lower olefins, benzene, unsaturated hydrocarbons)
  • Electric desalination of oil
  • Stripping gases from sulfur-containing admixtures
  • Cleansing pyrolysis furnace coil from coke
  • Isolation of bivinyl -/methyl/ styrene rubbers
  • Producing synthetic latex
  • Polyvinylchloride manufacture
  • Production of chloroprene rubber
  • Producing potassium-chrome-alumina catalysts of dehydration of paraffin hydrocarbons (butane and isopentane)
  • Emulsion polymerization of bivinyl with styrene to produce bivinylstyrene rubbers
  • Increasing coagulation resistance of butadiene-styrene latexes
  • Production of plastic and chemical fibers
  • Enhancing adhesive strength of rubber -metal system
  • Enhancing adhesive strength of rubber-textile cord system
  • Dyeing synthetic polymers in the regimen of orientation extraction in adsorption-active media
  • Stabilization of formaldehyde solutions
  • Iodine production
  • On-site production of chlorine, hydrogen, oxygen, sodium hydroxide, peracetic, per-formic and sulfuric acids, hydrogen peroxide, ozone
  • Photo- and cinefilm production technology

Electronic industry

  • Circuit plate etching
  • Circuit plate cleaning
  • Circuit plate and chip assembly manufacture
  • Solutions for chemical metallization of dielectrics


  • Leaching uranium and trans-uranium elements from strata
  • Flotation mining of diamonds, gold and other minerals


  • Preparing electrolyte for lead accumulators
  • Renewal of spent lead-acid accumulators

Timber, woodworking, and pulp and paper industries

  • Paper manufacture and hydrolytic production
  • Increasing the effect of preliminary processing of lignocellulose substrates
  • Enhancing the effect of cellulose enzymes in the processes of plant raw material bioconversion

Industry of construction materials

  • Liming
  • Producing ceramic articles
  • Preparing concrete mixture
  • Producing ceramic and lime-and-sand bricks
  • Producing sawdust concrete articles
  • Preparing building cement solutions

Light industry

  • Natural fur treatment
  • Upgrading the fell of fur hides
  • Fur hides’ finishing
  • Silkworm breeding (growing silkworm caterpillars, stimulating growth, development and higher production)
  • Enhancing processes of butyric fermentation in textile industry in order to accelerate raw material processing and improve its quality
  • Dyeing textile materials
  • Increasing the efficiency of hydrolysis catalyst application in the process of preliminary treatment of cotton fibers
  • Enhancing processes of flax stock production

Food industry

  • Drinking water purification
  • Starch hydrolysis
  • Producing concentrated dry tea
  • Producing dry food concentrates
  • Malt production
  • Milk de-acidification
  • Producing gelling additives
  • Producing sugar, beet-root diffusion juice
  • Inverting sugar syrup into glucose-fructose syrup
  • Oxidized fat regeneration
  • Salmon caviar preservation
  • Producing smoking fluid
  • Producing food protein hydrolyzate from hydrobionts
  • Producing chitin from chitinous carapace raw material
  • Seafood processing
  • Recovery of food products’ lost qualities
  • Refining cod-liver oil
  • Hydrothermic treatment of seeds before grinding
  • Improvement of cocoa production technology
  • Fruit storage
  • Vegetable storage
  • Berry storage
  • Meat storage
  • Fish storage
  • Seafood storage
  • Sugar beet storage

Municipal economy

  • Sewage liquid decontamination
  • Swimming pool water decontamination and conditioning technologies
  • Preparing water for heat network makeup
  • Protecting pipelines from corrosive action of pumped fluids
  • Descaling heat exchange system surfaces
  • Washing linen
  • Bleaching linen
  • Detergent solution for protein dirtying removal
  • Cleaning and decontamination of air-conditioners
  • Indoor disinfection
  • Refuse and dump decontamination

Water conditioning

  • Decontamination and purification of drinking water in field conditions (army, disaster areas, expeditions to regions difficult of access)
  • Softening natural water
  • Preparing desalted water
  • Ionite regeneration
  • Unipolar electrochemical treatment of liquids
  • Non-chemical changing physico-chemical properties of water and/or aqueous solutions
  • Enhancing processes of sewage fluid biologic purification
  • Sewage fluid decontamination and purification

Military science

  • Treatment of military staff after staying in risk areas
  • Decontamination and degassing equipment, arming and clothes of soldiers
  • Destruction and utilization of chemical agents
  • Producing explosives
  • Gun-powder production and chemical metallization
  • Polishing silicon monocrystal mirrors


  • Disinfection of cattle-breeding facilities

Cattle breeding and poultry farming

  • Farm poultry eggs treatment
  • Weakening the hold of bird carcass feathering before its removal
  • Poultry keeping
  • Poultry watering
  • Ostrich growing
  • Straw saccharification
  • Green fodder silage making
  • Disease treatment and prevention
  • Plant raw material hydrolysis
  • Application of solutions on slaughter floors

Plant cultivation

  • Producing defoliant for cotton-plant treatment
  • Decontaminating seeds and grain-crops
  • Improving seed germination
  • Preparing plant seeds for sowing
  • Plant growth stimulation
  • Preserving maize green forage
  • Producing nitrogen fertilizers
  • Conditioning water for watering crops
  • Supplying flushing water with nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers
  • Treatment and prevention of plant diseases, combating agricultural pests
  • Compost production


  • Treatment and prevention of bee diseases
  • Elevating bee immunity and production

Fishery, seafood

  • Growing fry of rare and valuable fish species
  • Shrimp breeding
  • Growing turtles, snails, shellfish
  • Preparing ice from anolyte at fishing facilities in order to preserve fish
  • Decontaminating water in water ponds and aquaria with fish, reptiles and so on.