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Electrochemically activated anolyte neutral ANK

Electrochemically activated neutral anolyte with рН from 6.5 to 7.8; symbolic notation: ANK anolyte. It is produced in STEL-ANK-type devices by cathodic treatment of initial sodium chloride solution with 0.5-5.0 g/l concentration in the process of transfer of a portion of the main current by oncoming movement of sodium and chlorine ions, by subsequent separation of part of obtained alkaline catholyte and gaseous hydrogen and final anodic treatment of catholyte with dissolved hydrogen in the process of transport of the main current share by oncoming movement of sodium and chlorine ions. The pressures in the anodic and cathodic chambers during the process are equal or slightly different (by no more than 0.2 kgf/cm2 ). This method of anolyte production is the simplest and requires no special systems in STEL devices for protection from gaseous oxidant mixture liberation during transitional periods of the device operation (starting, break, switching to another regime), which allows to use STEL-ANK devices in the absence of ventilation, or in poorly ventilated premises in medical facilities. However, it is the comfortable conditions of ANK anolyte synthesis that cause the principal drawback of the given technology, that is, too rapid deterioration of FEM-3 module anodic coating working in alkaline catholyte.