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AQUATRON – devices to produce activated neutral anolyte of А N type with high specific content of oxidants. AQUATRON devices have a high anolyte output and permit to realize most efficiently processes associated with application of neutral anolyte in industrial conditions, i. е., they are capable of continuous long-term operation with short breaks (not exceeding 30 minutes in 24 hours) for cleaning electrochemical reactors. Major distinction of AQUATRON-range devices from STEL-type devices is their using ISED technology to produce neutral anolyte. In AQUATRON devices, prior to its contact with humid gaseous mixture of oxidants, water is saturated with hydrogen and simultaneously its рН value shifts from 7 to 11 because of its being mixed with catholyte. This is followed by removal of formed insoluble heavy metal hydroxides, excessive quantities of catholyte and hydrogen in flotation reactor.