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Vitold Bakhir Electrochemical Systems and Technologies

Electrochemical devices

An integral part of all electrochemical devices are FEM and MB electrochemical flow-through modular elements.

Conventionally, electrochemical devices can be divided into following types:

  • STEL type devices for production of electrochemically activated oxidants solution – anolyte used for disinfection in medicine, housing and communal services, agriculture, food processing and other industries;
  • AQUACHLOR type devices for production of concentrated electrochemically activated oxidants solution used mainly for disinfection of large amounts of water – at water treatment stations, wastewater treatment stations, swimming pools, in process cycles at plants, cooling towers, as well as in pharmaceutical factories;
  • ECOCHLOR type devices for production of chlorine and caustic soda at places of consumption used in technological cycles of enterprises in a number of industries;
  • IZUMRUD type devices for production of physiologically healthy drinking water with antioxidant properties for home use, use in public places as bubbler, as well as in technological cycles at factories mainly in food industry;
  • specialized electrochemical devices, allowing to solve a narrow problem of individual sectors;
  • electrochemical devices produced for specific needs of individual companies within R&D.

Below there are some types of electrochemical devices:

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