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REDOX – devices for cleansing and sterilization of artificial kidney dialyzers with the purpose of their repeated use. Electrochemical reactor of REDOX devices is applied according to the diagram of producing acid anolyte and alkaline catholyte from initial sodium chloride solution with mineralization from 2 to 3 g/l. Protein impurities are removed from the depth of the porous space of dialyzer membranes thanks to electro-osmotic transfer occurring due to the difference of redox potentials of anolyte and catholyte separated by dialyzer membrane in the process of purification. The first REDOX device was manufactured in 1988; in 1989-1992 improved REDOX device modifications were used in several Russian hemodialysis centers. With their help, during that time over 300,000 artificial kidney dialyzers were washed clean. The cycle of dialyzer treatment in REDOX devices is completely automated and its final stage envisages the checking of the intactness of dialyzer membranes. The cycle’s duration is 18 minutes.