Vitold Bakhir Electrochemical
Systems and Technologies

Vitold Bakhir

  • Author of Electrochemical Activation Technology, the principal idea of which is electrochemical synthesis and subsequent application in various technological processes of meta-stable substances instead of routinely used chemicals
  • Author of flow-through electrochemical modular reactors
    - FEM-1, FEM-2, FEM-3, FEM-7, MB-11, MB-26 elements - for electrochemical transformation of water and electrolyte aqueous solutions applied, in particular, in STEL, EMERALD, AQUACHLOR, ENDOSTERIL, BAZEX, RENOFILTER, AQUATRON, ECOCHLOR, ALLIGATOR and other devices developed by him and under his direction (
  • Research supervisor of a team of experts and researchers
    engaged in development and commercial manufacture of technical electrochemical systems (devices) for new, pollution-free and efficient technological processes in medicine, industry, agriculture and other fields
  • Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
  • Member of the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences (AMTN RF),
  • Scientific Director of the Institute of Electrochemical Systems and Technologies