Copy № 1
Shorthand report


of the Meeting of Specialized Council K 063.37.01
at the Kirov Kazan Institute of Chemical Technology
awarded the Order of Red Banner

June 25, 1985

PARTICIPANTS: doctors of chemical science, professors - V. P. Barabanov (02.00.04), N.V.Gudin (02.00.05), G.А.Dobrenkov (02.00.05), N.S.Akhmetov (02.00.01), S.I.Berezina (02.00.05), V.I.Gorokhovskaya (02.00.01), Yu.М.Kargin (02.00.04), V.N.Nikulin (02.00.04), V.F.Toropova (02.00.01), V.М.Tsentovsky (02.00.04); doctors of technical sciences, professors - R.S.Saifullin (02.00.01), А.V.Pomosov (02.00.05), А.L.Rotinyan (02.00.05), V.N.Flerov (02.00.05); Doctor of Chemical Science, Senior Research Fellow V.A.Naumov (02.00.04); candidates of chemical sciences, assistant professors - А.Ya.Тretyakova (02.00.04), G.R.Pobedimsky (02.00.05), Yu.I.Salnikov (02.00.01), М.S.Shapnik (02.00.05).

In addition to the members of the Specialized Council, the defense was attended by the official opponent, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor А.P.Tomilov, faculty and the Kazan Research Technological Institute for Computer Engineering, Computer Techniques plant.


I . Defense of Candidate's Thesis by V.М. Bakhir on the subject "Regulation of physical and chemical properties of technological aqueous solutions by unipolar electrochemical exposure, and experience of its practical application".

from Minutes # 7 of the meeting of Specialized Council К 063.37.01
of 25.06.1985

SUBJECT: Defense of Candidate's Thesis by V.М.BAKHIR on the subject "Regulation of physical and chemical properties of technological aqueous solutions by unipolar electrochemical exposure and experience of its practical application"

RESOLUTION: To approve the conclusion of the Specialized Council in conformity with § 67 of the Regulations in the following wording:

Specialized Council considers the thesis to be a part of investigations on the subject: “Electrochemical activation of technological solutions” carried out at the Department of Physical Chemistry of the KICT named after S.M.Kirov, State Registration Number 0183.0079850.

The thesis is a complete research investigation dedicated to development of a new field in electrochemical technology – electrochemical activation of technological aqueous solutions.

The research performed is very timely since it provides for regulation of physical and chemical properties and reactivity of aqueous solutions with the purpose of increasing efficiency of many technological processes (water treatment, drilling, electroplating etc.).

The main outcomes and scientific novelty of the thesis are:

  1. establishment of the existence of unipolar nonequilibrium (meta-stable) state of aqueous-saline solutions after their unipolar electrochemical treatment on inert electrodes;
  2. determination of conditions and factors contributing to electrochemical activation of solutions used in a number of technological processes;
  3. development of the technology of processes using electrochemical activation of solutions;
  4. development and introduction into some technological processes of electroactivator devices that make it possible to modify the conditions of solution activation and secure their application efficiency (output, cost-effectiveness).

The accuracy of the results and validity of the conclusions are supported by the use of conventional methods of studying electrochemical processes (coulometry, potentiometry, conductance measuring, rheology), reproducibility of principal patterns of alteration of relaxation technological characteristics of processes occurring in activated solutions.

Scientific and practical significance of the paper is in that it solves a new scientific-technical task in the field of electrochemistry: a new line of electrochemical technology has been developed, which lies in controlling physical and chemical properties of aqueous solutions by unipolar electrochemical exposure before they are used in technological processes.

Practical application in many parts of the country of pilot devices for electric treatment of drilling mud and mineralized waters, developed under scientific guidance of the author, significantly improved the performance indicators of drilling operations. Economic effect of practical application in 1979-1983 was above 1 million rubles.

The mechanism of solution conversion into thermodynamically nonequilibrium state by unipolar electrochemical exposure as well as the chemistry of reactions involving electrochemically activated solutions require further and more profound theoretical and experimental study.

The research results can be used for further investigation and practical application in the following organizations and enterprises:

KICT named after S.M.Kirov, NPO VOSTOK ( Tashkent ), PO FOTON ( Tashkent ), NPO ENERGIYA ( Kaliningrad , Moscow region), PO KRYSTALL ( Kiev ), PO PLASTIK ( Syzran ), the SCHYOTMASH plant ( Kursk ).


Chairman of the Specialized Council,

Professor _______________________________________V.P.Barabanov


Academic Secretary of the Specialized Council,

Assistant Professor ___________________________________________ A.Ya.Tretyakova


I certify this to be a true copy.

Academic Secretary of CICT____________________________________ Z.V.Konovalova