AGREEMENT on employee's right of ownership of patents for inventions made by him in connection with fulfilling his official duties


Moscow , December 22, 1992

Bakhir Vitold Mikhailovich, hereinafter referred to as the “Inventor”, on the one hand, and the All-Russian Research and Scientific Institute for Medical Engineering (VNIIIMT MZ RF), hereinafter referred to as the “Institute”, represented by Leonov Boris Ivanovich acting on the basis of the Institute's Charter, on the other hand, have made this agreement as follows:

Following the enactment of the Patent Law of the Russian Federation (23.09.1992), the Institute unconditionally acknowledges the Inventor's right of free choice of patent holder for patents issued for all inventions (with no exceptions) made during his work at the Institute, that is, since 1987, as well as for all inventions that will be made by him in the process of his future work at the Institute.

The grounds for this Agreement are the following circumstances: V.M. Bakhir is well known as the author of a new scientific-technical field – electrochemical activation (ECA). This fact is officially registered in the registration card of his thesis for scientific degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences (Diploma ТН # 096525, specialty 02.00.05 "Electrochemistry. Technical sciences"). By the time of his joining VNIIIMT V.M.Bakhir had had about 300 USSR certificates of authorship and foreign patents in that field.

In VNIIIMT, V.M.Bakhir continued to develop ECA trend as applied to medical engineering. At the same time he always independently formulates subjects of research and experimental work, and after their agreement by the VNIIIMT Academic Council and approval by the Ministry of Health, implements them with the help of the team of the laboratory headed by him.

This agreement shall come into force on the day of its signing by the parties.

Director of VNIIIMT _______________ signature ___________ B.I. Leonov

Inventor _______________________ signature ___________ V.M. Bakhir


Visa of the Head of Patent Department