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A device for disinfecting swimming pool water

RF Patent # 38336 for a useful model. Filed 24.02.2004, published 10.06.2004.

Barabash T.B., Bakhir V.M., Vtorenko V.I., Zadorozhny Yu.G., Tranov V.N.

Trade name of the given device is ALLIGATOR device. The device is meant for decontaminating water in 30-150 cu. m. swimming pools. The principle of ALLIGATOR device operation is that antimicrobial substances are generated from swimming pool water proper thanks to treating its small amount in the electrochemical reactor of the device. Water saturated with bactericidal substances formed in the device is mixed with the main bulk of water and ensures its decontamination.

Characteristic features of ALLIGATOR device operation are no chlorine odor over the water surface, complete exclusion of skin and eyes irritation, ideal water clarity and its favorable effect on the human body thanks to ozone and oxygen present in the water.

ALLIGATOR device guarantees non-chemical saturation of swimming pool water with ecologically safe disinfectants: ozone, hydrogen peroxide, atomic oxygen, hypochlorous acid and some others generated in the device reactor, through which a small amount of water flows pumped over by a circulation pump. The owner of the swimming pool where the pilot ALLIGATOR model was tested, prior to ALLIGATOR use, every month spent about USD 100 to purchase hypochlorite made by Contec, and permanently used a 2 kW ultrasonic device and 3 kW UV water irradiation device. However, swimming pool walls still grew moldy (at the corners), and water had a disagreeable chlorine odor. After he began to use ALLIGATOR device, the owner switched off the ultrasonic and UV devices and stopped purchasing hypochlorite. On the second day, mold in the swimming pool disappeared, water is always ideally clear and pure, smells fresh, is nice to be in, and according to the owner’s wife it has become “velvety”.