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A device for decontaminating and purifying water

RF Patent # 2040477. Filed 03.04.1992, published 27.07.1995.

Bakhir V.M., Zadorozhny Yu.G., Rakhmanin Yu.А.

EMERALD-S device for water purification, technological process of water purification including anodic treatment of water in a diaphragm-type electrochemical reactor with simultaneous removal of cations and subsequent dechlorination of water in a catalytic reactor. Through the cathodic chamber of reactor in EMERALD-S device there flows a modest initial water flow thanks to hydraulic resistance at its inlet. The pressure in the anodic chamber of the device is higher than that in the cathodic one by 0.3-0.4 kgf/cm2, which accelerates heavy metal ions’ removal from the flow of treated water due to their electromigrational transfer through the diaphragm, but does not prevent some amount of free hydroxyl groups from cathodic chamber from entering water flowing through the anodic chamber for its рН value correction.