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A method of indoor disinfection

RF Patent #2148414. Filed 29.10.1998, published 10.05.2000.

Tsikoridze N.G., Bakhir V.M., Zadorozhny Yu.G., Yakovlev Yu.N., Maleev B.V., Panicheva S.A., Vtorenko V.I.

The idea to apply electrochemically activated anolyte as a mist for indoor disinfection and disinfection of internal surfaces of large capacities was first suggested by Professor of the Georgian Institute of Subtropical Farming (GISF) Nodar Georgievich Tsikoridze in 1996. He initiated and headed research and development of the most efficient designs of dispersing systems securing preservation or even enhancement of anolyte aerosol biocidal action. Conducted research revealed that mixing anolyte with air in the process of its dispersion extremely negatively affected the aerosol’s anti-microbial activity. The results of testing various types of dispersers (liquid atomization by rapid air flow under vacuum and under pressure, liquid jet atomization under pressure on dispersant surfaces of differently shaped nozzles made of different materials, cavitation and ultra-sound dispersers) proved absolute superiority of spinning disk disperser in which a thin laminar layer of liquid (anolyte) was thrown from a peripheral edge of ceramic disk spinning at a high rate (up to 25,000 rpm) and was fractioned due to deceleration after collision with air.