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A method of producing nitrogen fertilizers

USSR Author’s Certificate # 1594917, 1987.

Bakhir V.M., Spektor L.Ye., Shtern K.L., Zadorozhny Yu.G., Gusakov N.I., Kiporenko A.G.

The invention can be used for non-chemical and non-waste production of nitrates of alkaline and alkaline-earth metals from salts dissolved in water meant for irrigating crops. The substance of the invention is that irrigation water is subjected to cathodic treatment in electrochemical reactor, which results in its being enriched with sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and other metal hydroxides generated from salts present in naturally mineralized water. The resulting irrigation water catholyte, before being fed for watering, is mixed with air, which passed through arc or powerful spark electric discharge. In the electric discharge in the air nitrogen oxides are formed, and being dissolved in water they generate nitric acid. Further development of a chain of chemical reactions takes place along the way of nitric acid interaction with metal hydroxides dissolved in water resulting in formation of a mixture of potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron and other metal nitrates in water. In spite of negligible concentration, nitrates synthesized in water in this manner are much more efficient due to synergic effect (mixed nitrates are more efficient than mono-substance). The invention was tested in the hothouses of Tashoblagroprom in 1987. Watering plants with water containing nitrogenous fertilizers freshly prepared in it was shown to reduce soil salinity, increase crop yield and lower the content of nitrates in fruits. In spite of complete exclusion of routinely used nitrogen fertilizers, the yield of ТSKhА-211 cucumbers increased by 20%, the nitrate concentration in the cucumbers being twice as low as that in cucumbers grown according to commonly used technology.