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Vitold Bakhir Electrochemical Systems and Technologies

A device for electrochemical treatment of water

RF Patent # 2038322. Filed 03.04.1992, published 27.06.1995.

Bakhir V.M., Zadorozhny Yu.G., Leonov B.I., Vedenkov V.G.

STEL device for producing electrochemically activated sterilizing, disinfectant and washing solutions – А, АN anolytes, К catholyte. The given engineering design was implemented in the second modification of STEL device – STEL-МТ-1М. A distinctive feature of the electrochemical system was the presence of hydraulic resistances at the inlets of initial diluted table salt aqueous solution to the anodic and cathodic chambers of the reactor, and one hydraulic resistance at the outlet from the anodic chamber of electrochemical reactor. Adjusting the flow rate and electrode chamber pressure allows to produce acid anolyte with рН below 5 (А anolyte), neutral anolyte with рН from 6.0 to 7.5 (АN anolyte) and alkaline catholyte with рН above (К catholyte). A drawback of the flow chart is the need to adjust the system upon each startup, or when changing operation regime, because of the necessity to control the end solutions’ parameters. The given device was manufactured by the Production-Engineering Complex “Medelektrokhimapparat” of NPO EKRAN on a large scale from 1992, and in two years (1992-1993) over 1,000 STEL-МТ-1М devices were manufactured and delivered to consumers (Russian hospitals).