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Vitold Bakhir Electrochemical Systems and Technologies

A device for electrochemically treating water

International Application WO 93/20014. Filed 26.03.1993, published 14.10.1993, convention priority of 03.04.1992.

Bakhir V.M., Zadorozhny Yu.G., Rakhmanin Yu.А., Naida I.N., Naida N.N., Dzheyranishvili N.V., Leonov B.I., Butin S.K. and Vedenkov V.G.

The Application was made up by adding to the engineering solution described in RF patent # 2042639 (FEM-2 flow-through electrochemical modular cell, RPE-L flow-through electrochemical reactor), which is the main part of the invention, additional features from the engineering solutions of three RF patents (## 2038322, 2038323 and 2040477) – STEL-МТ-1-, EMERALD –M-, EMERALD-S- type devices.

For the four above-indicated inventions patented in Russia, exclusive license agreements were concluded in 1993 with the EMERALD company. In spite of the fact that the agreements did not envisage the inventions’ promotion to the market outside the Russian Federation without the patent-holders’ (V.M. Bakhir and Yu.G. Zadorozhny) approval, the Joint-Venture “Emerald” executives (Dzheyranishvili N.V.) without the patent-holders’ knowledge, via a number of dummy companies made an attempt to transfer the rights for using the said inventions to the British-American company, which, being very interested in V.M. Bakhir’s inventions, made an attempt to establish control over all V.M. Bakhir’s patents under the above-mentioned license agreements. Justice in the given case prevailed thanks to the decision of the Russian court, which terminated the license agreements with the “Emerald” company on 04.05.1995.