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The Electrochemical treatment of water and device for electrochemically treating water

British patent GB 2 253 860. Filed 12.03.91, published 23.09.1992. The patent’s authors are indicated in conformity with the Decision of the British Patent Bureau of January 13, 2000.

V.M. Bakhir, Y.G. Zadorozhny.

A flow-through electrochemical modular cell – FEM-1. FEM – 1 module was developed by V.M. Bakhir and Yu.G. Zadorozhny in 1989, and first prototypes were made and tested in the same year. FEM-1 module played an important role in development of a new approach to engineering and technology of producing electrochemically activated water and solutions. It was not used on a large scale in industry due to complexity of manufacturing collector heads and a number of problems associated with formation of bi-polar areas of cathode electrode surface, however, it indicated an optimal principal way of designing commercial electrochemical systems. Combined with auxiliary electrolyte capacity operated under elevated pressure, FEM-1 module was used in the first modification of STEL-МТ-1 device meant for producing washing, disinfectant and sterilizing solution – anolyte with neutral рН value. The device was developed in conformity with the Russian Ministry of Health assignment. It began in VNIIIMT MZ RF in October 1990 and finished in June 1992. The flow sheet was later described in the British Patent GB 2 253 860. Preparatory work for development of STEL-МТ-1 device, that is, working out and putting into full-scale production FEM -1 module, had been carried out in VNIIIMT MZ RF by V.M. Bakhir and Yu.G. Zadorozhny from 1989. Based on the analysis of the documents confirming the above facts, in January 2000 the British Patent Bureau issued a decision to change the list of authors and to indicate only true authors (V.M. Bakhir and Yu.G. Zadorozhny) in the patent GB 2 253 860.